Child Abuse by Proxy

Professor Gary Phillip Solomon, A.A., B.A., MPH, M.S.W., Ph.D., Ph.D.(abd)


Child Abuse by Proxy:
Collateral damage of HOA living
Professor Gary Solomon, Ph.D.
History dictates: Try as
you will, eventually the
truth shall be told.

Child abuse has been present worldwide since time and millennium. Abusing children in one form or another is, for some, a cultural way of life. Over the last 50 years child abuse has made its way to the forefront of social and legal awareness. The anti-child abuse standard of care cleared the way for children to be spared abuse at the hands of those whom they might trust. As a result of scientific investigative research in the area of physical and psychological abuse, children have become a focal group to protect.

Until recently child abuse was more under control than any other time in the history of the United States. But now a new type of child abuse has come to bare, abuse that the government, to date, fails to recognize. This article, Child Abuse by Proxy: collateral damage of HOA living identifies this increasing form of child abuse To understand Child Abuse by Proxy the reader must have a clear understanding of the definition of child abuse.

Child abuse, also known as child maltreatment, is the physical, sexual, emotional, or neglect of a child or children. Accordingly, child maltreatment is any act or series of acts by a parent--guardian or caregiver-- that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child.

The abuse may occur in a child's home or other locations as a result of an organization, school, or community where the child interacts with others. In each case the abuse is directed on the child. The definition of child abuse creates a foundation for comprehending Child Abuse by Proxy.

Child Abuse by Proxy occurs as a result of stress levied on the parent--caregiver, guardian, organization, school, or community--which is then transferred, consciously or unconsciously, onto the child. Therefore, parents may inflict stress on their children as a result of the stress inflicted upon themselves--the parent or guardian.

One ominous organization that induces stress on families is home owner associations(HOAs): HOA board members, management companies, collection companies, and attorneys all of whom knowing and intentionally apply stress on the home owner. The abuse on the child is collateral damage administered by the parent to the child. So, what is collateral damage?

Collateral damage is a euphemism for unintended, incidental harm on innocent bystanders inflicted on intended targets. The term is widely quoted; insensitive doublespeak because of the underlying callous assumption that harm or detriment--whether physical or psychological-- on an unintended target is not actual harm or detriment. Rather, the harm or detriment is a byproduct--residual ripple effect--from the actual target.

Until now collateral damage was used as a military term identifying accidental or unintentional damage to unintended people or property as a result of the attack on legitimate targets. In common usage, it means unexpected, unintentional, and/or unavoidable loss(es) accompanying or following an act, accident or failure.

Home owners associations, as they are known today date back to 1946 in a place known as Levitt Town, Pennsylvania. Originally intend as community homes, parks and shops with a common theme or motif, Levitt Town evolved into the present day HOA hyper-stratified hyper-segregated community.

Living in a HOA offers a very unique construct of hyper-stratification. Members of the HOA deemed more valuable or who contribute more to community--HOA board members--are rewarded with a larger share of power and control over their neighbors. The virtues of the hyper-stratification--social stratification system--are apparent through the patronage/clientage system as the means of distribution of the power: cultural battle for honor, aversion to shame, and patriarchal structure of the family.

Once designated as superior home owners, these board members hire management companies, collection companies and law firms to ensure that the neighborhood is keep yar. Hyper-stratification in HOAs is facilitated through hyper-segregation, a form of segregation that consists of the geographical grouping and monitoring of people. Therefore, people who own homes in HOAs are controlled as a result of hyper- segregation fostering hyper-stratification. But what makes stress from HOAs different from other stressful environments?

Individuals, partners or groups may go in and out of stress for minutes if not hours at a time as a result of everyday living. Because the stress is often short lived these individuals have time to recover from stress related illnesses; the body returns to homeostasis, a state of normalcy, equilibrium and balance.

However, living in an HOA means the stress never goes away; there is no escaping the stress inflicted on them by members--other superior home owners or private wealth management companies of the hyper-stratified, hyper- segregated community. Inflicted HOA stress persists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully comprehending what stress does to the body and mind is imperative when analyzing Child Abuse by Proxy. Do to the HOA's comportment the brain, the entire physical being, is now under attack. Every cell in the body is affected. When the pressure and stress cannot be released the body goes into crisis. If it is constant the damage is permanent, often irreversible:

EYES  pupils dilate ◊ eyelids twitch

EARS  hearing sharpens ◊ high risk for tinnitus and hearing loss

ESOPHAGUS  throat tightens spasms ◊ acid reflux

LIVER  surge in glucose ◊ type II diabetes ◊

ADRENAL GLANDS  cortisol and adrenaline spike ◊ reduced ability to control inflammation

BOWELS  digestion slows ◊ irritable bowel syndrome

MUSCLES  muscles tighten ◊ chronic muscle aches

BRAIN  hypothalamus orders adrenal glands to release cortisol, adrenaline and endorphins to prepare for action and pain ◊ headaches, insomnia, depression, increased dementia risks

HEART  heart rate and blood pressure rise ◊ Higher risk of heart attack and stroke

LUNGS  rapid breathing ◊ worsened asthma

COPD STOMACH  nausea ◊ belly fat or

Gerd GROIN  sex hormones drop ◊ decreased sex drive infertility erectile dysfunction

SKIN  goose bumps, chills sweating ◊ Psoriasis acne cold sores

BLOOD VESSELS  blood pressure rises ◊ high blood pressure high cholesterol

These are but a few of the complications that come as a result of stress-related disorders.

(For more information on causes of stress read, HOA Syndrome, Solomon 2010. So where does child abuse exist within a system of stressors levied on the adult members of the family?)

With the understanding of the aforementioned the reader now has the whole picture; stress on the parents induces Child Abuse by Proxy. As a result of living in hyper-stratified, hyper-segregated communities, homeowners--parents, guardians, caretakers, etc.--are constantly under stress causing an enormous amount of damage to the body. It is inevitable that as a result of the infliction of stress--HOA abuse--collateral damage occurs; the child is now abused through their parent's HOA. Hence, Child Abuse by Proxy.

The children or child living in the home sense stress from the parent. The parent may be agitated or overly anxious as a result of the HOA stressors and vicariously pass the stress onto their child. The parents may argue and fight between themselves as a result of what their HOA is doing to them, which in turn, is passed onto the child.

Greater expectations are levied on the child as the HOA may not allow them to play outside of the house, laying fines on the property because of a bike, skateboard, pet, garage door, weed, trash, paint, etc. Chemical and food based substance abuse may enter the family as a way to self-medicate the affects of the HOA induced stress. The community park becomes off limits as the stratified HOA hierarchy and related employees police the community seeking more and more punitive action on the neighborhood.

Letter after letter arrives on the property imposing fines and condemnations for one purported infraction after another. As individuals in hyper-stratified positions use their power to apply more and more pressure on homeowners, individuals go into stress crisis unlike any other, constant, ever present .

Stress is, by design, part of the Board of Directors, management companies, collection companies, and law firms strategic act to keep homeowners inline and acquiescent; reside within a hyper- segregated, hyper-stratified community you and your children are at great risk for stress-related illnesses.

For years I have attempted to reach out to the government agencies to begin tracking children affected by HOAs: Child Abuse by Proxy. As a result of gross pathological malignant apathy government agencies have turned a blind eye to the origin and cause of the abuse. Child abuse has not been reported against the HOAs nor is the abuse policed by city or state agencies.

Remarkably, if there were just one report of a missing child Amber Alert would be sounded in every city throughout the United States until that child was found. If there was a report of bad water or fruit or meat or... the product would be pulled off the shelves in a matter of hours. Cars with faulty brakes are directed off the road. Yet, to date, no one knows what happens to children suffering from Child Abuse by Proxy. And if their home is taken through HOA foreclosure not one agency can tell me where the children have gone or if the children are safe; if they have been abandoned; if the children are still alive.

As a professor of psychology, treatment facilitator, researcher and author, I am appalled that the government has turned its back on these children. I am shocked that the sadistic antisocial HOA deportment has been allowed to go on so long. I will suggest to you that the worst is yet to come. You see all of the stress that has been applied to the family and passed on through Child Abuse by Proxy will come back to haunt everyone in the United States. The children growing up will remember what happened to their parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. One day they are going to retaliate in united numbers. They are going to randomly attack anybody whom they believed was a party to what happened to them and their family in their childhood. This only makes common sense. World history shows us that this is what happens in the next generation when the previous generation has been traumatized.

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